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Trust and commitment with a fully integrated real estate and property management service
Invest, lease, and profit. Leverage your investment with us! 

We proudly display the company name, Ridge Investments, a symbol of integrity, professionalism, hard work, and trust, values that never change. Providing top-notch personalized service we create exquisite support with full description for our clients

Ridge Investments Portugal is available to accompany private and institutional investors throughout their investments, with the sole purpose of obtaining Ridge Investments!

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Invest in Portugal:

Today, Portugal has one of the most vibrant European entrepreneurship ecosystems, resulting from the investments made in the last decade in the qualification of human resources, infrastructure, and technology, which provide enormous opportunities for those who intend to launch or invest in new businesses.

Examples of investments we are in a particular position to present and assist in the acquisition:

- Real estate properties in urban and outside urban areas, developments

- Tourism accommodation sector, hotels, rural tourism, or other developments

- Wine production farm, a lot at Alentejo with crop production

- Sector of transport and distribution goods

- Food and essential goods sector food production companies
- Health sector companies - pharmacies, private clinics, etc

You name it! We present it!

Be sure to contact us!

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Regardless of your investor profile, we are always ready to monitor your process and help you make the best investments. We offer a professional service, tailored to your objectives, with full availability, independence and confidentiality



Most of our customers ask for full description when they entrust us with placing their properties on the market. If you want to get more information about the opportunities we have available, please contact us!


As we have a vast network of contacts, and several investment market players, we always have customers available to invest! We work with the best national and international marketing partners.


We offer application services for residence permit, tourist visa, Portuguese citizenship and Golden Visa. Administrative and legal consultancy services. With our service you will have continuous monitoring by an accredited lawyer who will monitor your situation from the beginning to the end of the investment.

Contact us!

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Don't you know how it's like living in Portugal? It's great!

Portugal is one of the best places to live!

It's fantastic Climate; it's People; the Geographical Location; being a Member of the EU; the fact of being a very peaceful, healthy and safe country (3rd most peaceful country on earth); the low Cost of Living and it's nice Tax Rules

All these aspects give a high quality of life to those who live in the country


Before, during and after the process of investing we are available to monitor and manage the interactions with all external parties. This may include construction, remodeling, decoration, etc. We can also recommend the best companies to operate in these areas


Ok. You already invested. And now? Any and all investments need to be profitable and taken care of even if there is no intention to get a return on investment. To make your investment profitable, we have a tourism management agency belonging to our group! Porto City Hosts is a tourism management and exploitation and heritage management company that, together with the real estate, are responsible for obtaining the best possible profitability

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Ridge Intestments, Lda
Registrated at the Portuguese Institute for Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction (IMPIC)
Licença AMI nº 18062

Praça General Humberto Delgado, 267, piso 1, sala 5
4000-288 Porto

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